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We are really excited about the latest beauty range from Phytocode, LB with Actibiome. This innovative product combines the active Lactobacillus Bulgaricus found in Bulgarian yogurt with the finest natural ingredients and a blend of 100% pure essential oils.
Channel, Dior, Bulgari, GlVENCHY, Kenzo, Paco Raban, Lancome- they all love Bulgarian rose oil. The main aromatherapy producers of the world, the pharmaceutical companies and the perfume giants choose Bulgarian rose oil because they know the significant difference/variety in its biochemical content, its healing properties and its incredible aroma. The price of one kilogram of it recently reached 6000 Euro on the world markets, and Japan, Germany,
The skin is a reflection of our health as well as our emotions. When the skin is healthy we radiate self-confidence which is one of the most important prerequisites for success. In spite of all that, nobody is immune to the appearance of persistent skin problems. That’s why it is important to combat their appearance effectively.
The warm, sunny days are fast approaching. But apart from all the nice summer emotions we shouldn’t forget that we need to act responsibly towards the health of our skin. Here are some tips for successful protection from the sun rays.
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