Five ways of using rose water for beauty and freshness

Five ways of using rose water for beauty and freshness

 We offer five tried and true ways of using rose water in order to improve the overall condition of your skin and hair.

1. For toning and cleansing of the skin

Soak a cleaning pad and scrub your skin with it. Don’t rinse.  If you are using a spray of rose water you can spray your face several times a day and let it dry. We’ll let you in on a little secret-we keep the rose water in the fridge.  The feeling of freshness and hydration by the cold rose water will overwhelm you-like a loving kiss on a warm rainy day.

The rose water also combats puffiness and open pores.

2. For baggy eyelids and bags under the eyes

Soak a cleaning pad and place it under your eyes. Remove the pad in about 15 minutes. Rinsing is not necessary. This method reduces the signs of stress and fatigue.

3. Natural make-up removal

Add 20 ml of jojoba oil to 100 ml of rose water. This is a 100%  natural make-up remover, which perfectly removes even the strongest make up. Here is a tip-check if you are allergic to jojoba oil.

4. For shiny hair

Spray your hair extensively and comb it. Let it dry. The effect is immediate.

5. For faster hair growth

Apply rose water in the base of your hair and massage the scalp. Don’t rinse.

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