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BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx is especially designed to whiten the complexion and reduce dark spots and other pigmentation irregularities. By acting directly on the skin's natural detoxification and pigmentation mechanisms, this skincare efficiently erases dark spots, brightens, whitens and evens out skin tone. A maximal concentration of Vitamin C reinforces the skin’s natural defences and prevents the apparition of new spots.

The BeAdora Bright Pearl White Skin Whitening Serum Maxx not only enforces the depigmentation and brightening effects, but it also hydrates the skin with moisture to achieve brilliant overall complexion


The BeAdora Bright Pearl Skin Whitening Serum Maxx has been tested at the Institut d’Expertise Clinique (IEC) for 4 consecutive weeks by 24 female subjects at the age of 42 to 65. The women’s face skin was of all types, presented with an inhomogeneous structure and pigmented spots.


Claims, such as




can thus be justified on the basis of these results and complementary specific documentation on the ingredients.

96% of the women judged the efficacy of the whitening cream “very good”.


HABERLEA RHODOPENSIS - exclusively found on the territory of Bulgaria, also known as resurrection plant, is able to survive total water loss for several years. Once watered, it would rehydrate and resume complete functionality within a short time. This survival strategy is based on the plant’s ability to protect its vital functions by accumulating key molecules during its life. Unilucent HR-14 is an Haberlea Rhodopensis extract that is extremely rich in a unique compound that enhances radiance, restructures, firms and protects the skin from environmental stress.

LUCEMINE is the first active ingredient that has solved the structural instability of Vitamin C and is metabolized by the human body in the same manner as Vitamin C. Lucemine i nhibits  the polymerization of melanin monomers thus enhancing a general whitening effect.

NIACINAMIDE is an active derivative of Vitamin B3 and it has been proven that its topical application has multiple benefits such as reducing hyperpigmentations, red blotchiness and water loss. Aside from the whitening effect, Niacinamide is also effective against acne and in plumping out skin that looks tired and dry. It also improves elasticity and increases hydration.

CHROMABRIGHT- a new patented ingredient designed for safe skin brightening. It induces a significant lightening effect on the skin and fights against photoaging at the same time it. Its application shows neither cytotoxic effects, nor any irritation or sensitization reaction.

ALPHA ARBUTIN removes the appearance of all types of skin discolorations including melasma, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and more.

The serum also contains a combination of 3 glycol extracts: Einkorn, Wild rose hip, Japanese Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica)

In March 2017, during the International Exhibition „In Cosmetics“ in London, the German cosmetic organization BSB Cosmetic announced its annual nominations for the most innovative products in Europe. One of the nominees was the BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx. Its high quality was rated in the most prestigious category - "Best cosmetics/ finished products of the year". In this category, BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx was nominated along with top cosmetic brands like Henkel, Dr. Grandel, Dr. Rimpler, and others.

The BeAdora line is the brainchild of years of passionate dedication in the field, which resulted in the creation of the magnificent products of the brand, the most innovative addition of which is this Skin Whitening Serum Maxx – a product with dermatologically proven efficacy and pending paten

30 ml


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BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx

BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx

BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx 



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BeAdora Bright Pearl Whitening Serum Maxx 

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