BeAdora Lifting Age-Reverse Serum

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BeAdora Lifting Age-Reverse Serum is inspired by cutting-edge science and created by Hi-Tech technology, the Lifting Age-Reverse

Serum BeAdora is so powerful that leaves your skin feels more radiant and smoother. This precise formula is tender to the touch and combines great ingredients: EPS Seafill - a 100% natural biotechnological ingredient that lifts sagging skin and smoothes wrinkles with a unique skin tensing system.The precious oil Lakesis magnifies synthesis of new youth protein Klotho to renew density in the dermis. The very special Hyaluronic acid Cube³ significantly increases the mosturization, smoothness and elasticity. A snail caviar concentrate of the genus Helix Aspersa Maxima contains an exclusive combination of purely natural components with a strong regenerating, hydrating and exfoliating effect on human skin.

Result: Very easily and quickly absorbed, it will produce visible changes for a youthful, healthy, beautiful complexion.

30 ml

BеAdora Line – Activate the Gene of Youth in 28 Days

When the innovation meets the art and the experience, this is the creation of an exquisite fusion of refined textures with fascinating scent and unique effect on the skin.

 Let us introduce to you our latest BeAdora brand, containing Lakesis, the first in the world anti-aging ingredient which reactivates Klotho gene of youth. Made from the resin of Mastic tree, Lakesis becomes a revolutionary ingredient, which is proven to increase cellular activity and reactivate detoxification processes. Successfully enhances dermal matrix regeneration. In 28 days the skin will look thicker and younger and the facial contour will be tight and renewed.

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BeAdora Lifting Age-Reverse Serum

BeAdora Lifting Age-Reverse Serum



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