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Black Sea lye enriched in natural essential oils (juniper, lavender, rosemary, wild thymes, lemon) or plant extracts (Peppermint, Oak, Juniper (POJ); Chamomile, Lavender, Juniper (CLJ); Rosemary, Salvia, Geranium (RSG), Roses; Geranium, Sea weeds).
Active ingredients:
•Stabilized Black Sea lye
•Juniper natural essential oil
Stimulating and relaxing solution for body.
Direction for use:
• Tubs: 100-120 ml of the product are dissolved in 80-100 l water at 37-40oC. Procedure duration: 15-20 min. After that wash the body with pure water.
In cases of high blood pressure doctor’s control is needed.
• Local Tubs: 10-25 ml of the product are dissolved in 5-10 l water with a temperature of 37-40oC. Procedure duration: 15-20 min.
• Body frictions: The body is washed with soap, then irubbed with the product applied on a sponge. The concentration depends on the skin sensitiveness. The maximum dilution with water is 1:10. After 5-10 min the body is washed with water.
Regulates the body liquid balance, lowers the blood pressure and gives psychic relaxation.

200 ml

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