One beauty product to rule them all

Published : 02/26/2018 09:24:43
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One beauty product to rule them all

If you were to have just one item in your bathroom cabinet, we would definitely recommend this one. The Gentle Face Cleansing Oil with Jojoba from PhytoEssence Biocosmetics is the ultimate skincare product.

You might be thinking, ‘Oil? In a cleanser? Are you crazy?’

But wait, this is ‘good’ oil!

Our skin contains a natural layer of oil or sebum, but many cleansers strip our skin of this oil, upsetting our natural pH and causing dry, irritated or oily skin.

Experts at Bulgaria’s own PhytoEssence Biocosmetics have created a formula which uses the natural active ingredients of essential oils to mix with our own natural sebum.

Since makeup, toxins, and dirt are more soluble in oil than water, oil is a much more effective method of removing the ‘bad stuff’ while not stripping us of our natural defense. Instead it replenishes and balances our skin’s natural health and beauty.

The latest skincare product from PhytoEssence Biocosmetics is the Gentle Cleansing Oil with Jojoba. The completely plant-based product offers everything you could ever want from a facial cleanser and more!

It gently removes all makeup, even those stubborn eye-liners! The oil gently breaks down and dissolves the buildup of impurities in the skin’s natural sebum, which can cause blackheads and acne.

The 100% natural product balances your skin’s natural oil while its excellent hydration qualities leave your skin feeling super moisturized and healthy. And as we always say, healthy skin is beautiful skin!

PhytoEssence Biocosmetics have carefully formulated a unique combination of pure ingredients resulting in a perfectly balanced product suitable for all skin types. Whether you suffer from dry or oily, and acne prone skin, you can use this product as part of your daily beauty routine.

All you need is two small pumps of the oil, morning and night, so it lasts much longer than other popular face-wash, soaps or foaming cleansers.

Massage the oil into dry skin and then wet your fingers a little with warm water and continue to massage until the oil forms a light emulsion. Then rinse with warm water to reveal fresh and refined skin every single day!

The real power of this oil comes from its 100% natural essential oils (more than half of these are also organically sourced), such as jojoba, rosemary extract, hazelnut oil, and camelina oil, to name just a few!

Jojoba has been used for its healing properties for hundreds of years because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Plus, jojoba oil also resembles your natural sebum, so is absorbed rapidly and is much kinder on your skin.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, gentle yet powerful cleanser with deep moisturizing qualities which doesn’t harm your skin, then look no further!

Order The Gentle Face Cleansing Oil with Jojoba now with 15% OFF and enjoy FREE delivery!

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