The Bulgarian rose oil and its miraculous benefits for the skin

Published : 01/22/2017 09:19:27
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The Bulgarian rose oil and its miraculous benefits for the skin

Channel, Dior, Bulgari, Givenchy, Kenzo, Paco Raban, Lancome- they all love Bulgarian rose oil. Because of the pure rose essential oil benefits.

The main aromatherapy producers of the world, the pharmaceutical companies and the perfume giants choose Bulgarian rose oil because they know the significant difference/variety in its biochemical content, its healing properties and its incredible aroma. The price of one kilogram of it recently reached 6000 Euro on the world markets, and Japan, Germany, France, The USA, Belgium constitute only part of its consumers.

The highest quality rose oil is extracted and cultivated in Kazanluk from the special oil-giving rose-Rosa Damascena. The rose whose aroma cannot remain unnoticed has turned into a symbol and has brought world fame to Bulgaria. It is grown in the Rose valley which provides the most favorable conditions for its growth. What makes the oil such an expensive and high-quality product is its unique content of 300 chemical properties, whose interaction gives the aroma long-lasting and healing properties.

Many celebrities fight the aging process through rose oil. World-famous politicians, Hollywood stars, and models swear by the incredible ability of Bulgarian rose oil to regenerate the skin and keep it tight and young. The content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fat acids hydrates the skin and prevents inflammation and damage, regenerates the cell membranes, eliminates the age spots and stretch marks and wins the war with even the most resilient wrinkles.

The Bulgarian natural cosmetics with rose oil have calming and rejuvenating qualities which are appropriate for dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. It is useful with itching, skin inflammation, scar removal, herpes and leaky capillaries. The oil has clinically proven antibacterial properties which prevent the skin from infection, preserving its radiance and cleanness.

The leading German pharmaceutical companies use its healing qualities for the production of medication against various allergies. Apart from all else the rose oil possesses the property to dissolve kidney stones.

The use of Bulgarian rose oil in Japan is interesting. It has been turned into a cult there and the Japanese tradition has expanded its use a long time ago, applying creativity from, from a perfume extract and medicine for external use the oil has been turned into a natural elixir. Thusly the dream of Japanese women to smell like roses not only externally but internally has come true. For that purpose special capsules have been created which are intended for internal use, which means the aroma comes from the inside, from the pores of the skin.

In case you are wondering how to use rose oil in a domestic environment, the easiest thing to do is to add several drops of it to the skin creams or to homemade masks. It will perform miracles with dry skin by protecting it from the whims of the weather. If you mix rose oil with coconut oil and a little bit of vitamin E you would get a lovely improvised cream for elastic and hydrated skin which may be used in the eye contour which helps puffy and red eyes.

Roses have been valuable during the centuries in the entire world because of the balancing nature of its aroma. In this line of thought, the oil can be used as a treatment with purely psychological use. It is claimed that it increases the energy of love, it helps with depression, shock and calms the emotions. The aroma is wonderful in meditation and enhances concentration, the feeling of happiness, peace, and joy.

After over 300 years of tradition in the production of Bulgarian rose oil is recognized in the entire world as the highest quality rose natural product. It is eternal.

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