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The legend tells about other fairy times 400 years ago, when the oil-bearing rose was carried to the Bulgarian lands.

Once, a long time ago, there lived a fabulously rich tradesman. He had a daughter, for whom everyone said she was enchantingly beautiful. She had a garden, where roses grew and every morning she went there and enjoyed their beautiful flowers steeped in morning dew.

One day a nice young man came with the caravan of the tradesmen. His glory of a strong and honest man spread fast over. He protected the caravan through its long and hard way. The girl fell in love with his sunny hair and eyes as blue as a lake, and he with her enchanting beauty. She gave him a rose as a sign of her love.

The young man took the rose to his country, in the fertile Bulgarian land. He planted the rose and watered it every day and thought with love about the olive-black eyes of the girl. Soon the rose, a symbol of the feelings of the two lovers, spread over the whole valley. Then the people learned about this fairy story. They named the valley the RoseValley and started telling their grandchildren and great-grandchildren the story about the love of the strong and brave young man and enchantingly beautiful girl. About this love that is still alive today in the flowers of the roses touched by the golden sun. About this love, with which the Bulgarian producers make the rose oil, and put it into Bulgarian cosmetics. About this love, we tell you about and give you through the products, which we chose for you in beautyfrombulgaria.com.

We created beautyfrombulgaria.com exclusively for qualitative natural cosmetics from Bulgaria. We guarantee with our name for each product from the website. Here you will find no mediocre cosmetics – we have collected at one place the best cosmetic series of the leading Bulgarian cosmetic companies.

It is our pleasure to make your shopping in beautyfrombulgaria.com a nice experience. Therefore, for each purchase from our website, you will get a present from us – a sample of a cosmetic product of your choice.