Biofresh Regina Floris Set for Men

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With Rose oil Of Bulgaria

Premium Men’s skin care
Included hydrating anti-age cream, soothing after shave cream gel and energizing shower gel
Hydrating anti-age cream for men
Light hydrating cream preventing signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components. Contains BIO PEPTIDE- CL – hi-tech product with clinically proven anti-wrinkle effect of up to 45-50% reduction of wrinkle depth within on month. The formula also contains Bulgarian rose oil with nourishing and tonifying effect, creatin for improving cell metabolism, hyaluronic acid for restoring skin water balance and UV filters for counteracting photo-aging caused by UV rays.
The cream is a true pleasure with its fresh and delicate scent and soft texture.
Direction for use: Apply the cream with light massage movements, on clean and dry skin of face and neck.

Soothing after shave cream gel
Extremely light, non-greasy formula soothing and protecting the skin after shaving. Provides instand comfort. Ensures long-lasting hydration, deeply restores and regenerates. The special hyaluronic acid bisabolol creatine complex strengthens the barrier function of the skin, reduces redness. The Bulgarian rose oil included tonifies, restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Alcohol-free formula, with scent for the modern man, genuine and natural.
How to use: Apply the cream with light massage movements, after shaving, on clean and dry skin of face and neck.

Energizing shower gel
Energizing shower gel for maximum enjoiment in the shower. The unique combination of mild washing and moisturizing components softly cleans the skin while preserving its natural balance. The creatine, Bulgarian rose oil and macadamia oil included in the contents ensure long lasting hydration and nourishment of the skin. Turn bathing into a daily pleasure. Enjoy tender care under the shower.
How to use: While showering spread on moist skin with light massage movements and rinse with water


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Biofresh Regina Floris Set for Men

Biofresh Regina Floris Set for Men

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