Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set

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Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set includes body lotion, lip balm and hand cream.

Milk and dairy products have been known in the Bulgarian lands more than 7000 years ago, during Thracian times. They created the yogurt, a Thracian word meaning healthy (thick) milk. The Thracians obtained yogurt by producing a lactic acid bacterial culture from green algae. The lactobacillus used in the fermentation of Bulgarian yogurt were isolated in 1905 and named Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Today Bulgarian yogurt is a recognized powerful probiotic with beneficial effects on human health.

The probiotics are live microorganisms, which when taken in an isolated form or with the consumption of certain foods, exert a favorable effect on the gut microflora and the immune system.

Rose oil is the most precious and highly demanded essential oil in the world. It has over 300 invaluable substances with a marvelous effect on the human body, making it a vital elixir, used in cosmetics all over the world.

In the Yoghurt of Bulgaria line are included:

AC YOGURT RESPIRATORY FACTOR – ferment, synthesized by live Lactobacillus bulgaricus cells and isolated from the through state-of-the-art technological processes. Acts as probiotic and stimulates the production of collagen, increases oxygen absorption and improves cellular respiration by 115%.

AC YOGURT HYDROLYSATE – contains yogurt protein in hydrolyzed form. A 30-days in vivo test with a product containing 50% Ac Yogurt hydrolysate has shown 120% improvement of the hydration of the skin.

This gift set includes:

Probiotic Super Hydrating Body Lotion

A new formula with extremely effective antioxidants. Hydrates and nourishes the skin

230 ml

Lip Balm

Hydrates and provides your lips with a shine and gentle and mild aroma

5 ml

Probiotic Renewing Hand Cream

Instantly hydrates, smoothes and gives a feeling of comfort to the dry and delicate skin of the hands. Contains UV filter preventing premature sun damage and the appearance of liver spots.

75 ml


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Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set

Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set

Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set includes body lotion, lip balm and hand cream




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Yoghurt of Bulgaria Gift Set includes body lotion, lip balm and hand cream

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