Intensive Anti- Aging Night Cream Rosa Vallis


Nourish and regenerate your skin while you sleep!

Absolute Bestseller for 2021!

Benefits for your skin:
✔ Nourishes, energizes and restores the elasticity of your skin while you sleep.

✔ Eliminates fatigue and signs of aging on your face.

✔ Visibly reduces and smoothes wrinkles.

The result:

In the morning you notice visible improvement of the skin. Your skin is fresher and your fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

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This rich intensive anti-wrinkle night cream supports the production of high-quality collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin and slows down its premature aging. 

The Intensive Anti-Aging Night Cream Rosa Vallis is enriched with the most precious oils from nature – 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil and organic olive oil. These oils penetrate deep into the skin, stimulate collagen production and help to reduce skin aging. 

Thanks to the added antioxidants, this anti-aging night cream fights against free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin aging. Your skin is again fresh, firm and without signs of aging.

The added most effective modern lifting component Matrixyl 3000 the collagen is increased by up to 160%. The depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced. Your skin looks younger and others notice it! 

Learn more about Matrixyl 3000 in our blog post “How To Keep Your Skin Young and Why You Should Be Using Cream With Matrixyl 3000”

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